Semi-Homemade Waffles in 5 minutes or less

Truth be told, Homemade Waffles are such a treat, but sometimes a mess to make and a little time consuming.

That is why when I found this Super Mommy Secret on Pinterest, (HEART Pinterest!) I couldn’t wait to give it a try!


So I decided to give ‘er a try this morning and surprise everyone with a homemade ;) breakfast… shhh!

I grabbed a can of Grands Homestyle Biscuits from the fridge and popped her open.

And, when I say popped, I mean popped…

That baby went off like a gun shot and pretty much scared everyone out of bed!

So much for mom surprising folks with Breakfast in Bed!

I threw the biscuits on my hot iron…

A few short minutes later… we have waffles ladies and gentlemen!

I couldn’t believe it… Not quite as good as homemade… but a lot better than freezer waffles… Mommy-score!

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  • Penny

    What a great idea!! Will definitely have to try this. Thanks!

    • Cris Goode

      I couldn’t believe how quick and LOVED how cleanup was a snap!

  • Ourlifeinaclick

    Oh so cool!!!  Great idea!

  • Cranberry Morning

    You are kidding!! How clever is that! I love waffles any time of day except morning. :-)

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