Meals Made Easy: Chicken Dinner

Meals Made Easy Chicken Dinner copy

Dear Reader-

Some nights I am so creative in the kitchen, cooking up a storm and then other nights, I just wish someone would tell me what to make for dinner ;)

Ya know when it sneaks up on ya and a million and one other decisions have been made ALL. DAY. LONG.

And everyone is asking THE question and you are supposed to have the answer???

WhatsForDinner ~ Meals Made Easy

So I have decided to put together meals virtually on this here blog so that I can come back to them from time to time and share them with you in case anyone has some of the same struggles I do ;)


Today’s Virtual Dinner is inspired by this very yummy “Healthy” Fried Chicken that Delish shared.

Easy Baked Beans

I think it would pair nicely with our Easy Baked Beans that the family loves.

Amazing Mac&CheeseAnd rounding things out is Jent’s Amazing Mac & Cheese.

5 Minute Strawberry Pie

And, if I need a quick dessert I can easily whip up our 5 minute Strawberry Pie… yum!

Meals Made Easy~ Meal Menu Recipes

Do you have a favorite Meal Made Easy for those nights when you aren’t sure what to make or suddenly have company coming over? Do share!


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