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Recipes for Cast Iron Skillet

To be perfectly honest, I don’t own anything cast iron. After finding all these recipes, I do believe I’ll have to go buy me a cast iron skillet (and visit Memaw and Papaw at camp more often!).

Mom had a cast iron skillet when were growing up. It was definitely one of a kind. It was my great gramma’s and had a peculiar handle. How in the world she broke the handle off a cast iron skillet is a mystery that will never be solved, but she did and instead of discarding her perfectly seasoned skillet, she put a regular skillet handle on it! It makes me smile every time I think about it. :)

We all know that I have a sweet tooth. One of my FAVORITE cast iron recipes is something that Dad makes in their cast iron dutch oven at camp. It is a super easy recipe and absolutely delicious! I’m thrilled every time we are at camp and Dad decides to make Papaw’s Campfire Cobbler.

DSC_2354 copyCris uses her cast iron skillet for this yummy Skillet Chicken.

Skillet-Chicken-copy1She also shares a Quick 40 Clove Chicken that I can’t wait to try!


Do you have a favorite cast-iron (or just plain skillet) meal? Do share!

Recipe Round Up

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