A Gift Idea

Confession: I am a black Friday shopper.

I have been for years.


Truth be told, it has little do with the “deals” anymore. It really has to do with the fact that it has become a tradition for my mom, sister and I to dedicate the day shopping together and it helps me check off my holiday shopping list in pretty much one fell swoop.


I will be honest, I like a really great gift.

More than that, I LOVE giving a really great gift, you know the kind that just fits the person or relationship?

I can still remember my excitement when I got my grandma a special journal book for her to share her family stories. Or when I got my mom a Kindle that I knew would be so useful for her. Or when I gave my sister her first DSLR.

But there is a gift that I haven’t seen in the Black Friday circulars this year.

Like most really good gifts it isn’t for everyone and it doesn’t fit every situation, but when it does… I haven’t seen too many better reactions to when I give this gift…

Truth be told, it wasn’t my idea… it was a gift given to me a few years ago and it felt so good that I decided to give a similar gift to someone else I loved this year…

It was the gift of NOT exchanging gifts.

It isn’t for everyone.

And by no means is this gift lover and gift-giving lover advocating doing away with the practice at all…

But when you find the right person, it might just be one of the best gifts they receive all year.

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  • Susan Edsall

    What is the gift? I love what you wrote but you never said what the gift was. I’m always looking for just the right one.

  • Susan Edsall

    I get it now!! It was not exchanging gifts!!! I had to reread it a couple of times to get it! My Fibro moment! LOL!!!

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